Technical skills


Optical Design:We have a lot of experience in imaging and non-imaging optical design. Especially in the LED lighting lens, we can simulate the final result which is near the real injected lens. We have patent structure to ensure the minimum chromatic deviation.


Mold Design & Manufacturing:We design the mold with considering the mold flow and form compensation skills. That means we can deliver the product in a short time without modifying the mold for n times.


Plastic Injection:All our plastic lens are injected from Fanuc optical grade injection machine which produce stable and precision optical lens. Our operating engineers have ample experience in complicated structure of optical plastic injection.


Design capability of using(PC:UL94V-0)

PC:Capable of passing UL 94 V0 grade to have better flame resistance, but absorb the light passing through it.

PMMA:No light absorption lead to higher transmittance, but very bad flame resistance.

We use the PC with UL94 V0 grade to make lens which has nearly the same high output performance as using PMMA.


Lower Chromatic Aberration

The phosphor on the LED can change the light to different color. But the light path difference that light pass through the phosphor will induce color shadings.
With the lens to converge the light will lead to more heavier color shading.

We have patent structure on the lens to make smaller color shading .