2017 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition

    CKO broke the stereotype of display ways about optical manufacturer, we not only make lens to static exhibit but also immerse lens applications to booth decoration. The secondary optical lens is the leading role in the show and also a supporting role. It makes booth become a warm, comfortable and diversification space. Besides, the 3R LED lens hanging on the showcase not only to illuminate showcase but also shows how it works, furthermore, it is satisfied the demand of client about visual comfort.

    We invite all guests to feel the effect of light pattern through CKO’s lens. This is the “User first” world, we make the common things become an incredible experience. We want to show how CKO’ lens make the illuminate more outstanding that we always focus on light aesthetics, as the following photos, almost the luminaires in the booth are used the CKO’s product. To highlight the efficacy the wall washer and the extreme narrow beam were demonstrated in a dynamic way, and they won warm praise from customers.

At this show, we focus on:

  • Extreme Narrow Beam & Oval Light Beam: Ultra narrow beam angle optical design. (min. 2.5 degree), Made in PC material but still keep high optical efficiency,cd/lm: 249 (depends on LED source)

  • Wall Washer LED Lens: Excellent uniform light distribution, make the object clear and bright softly. Light Uniformity : 70%

  • Low Glare 3R LED array Lens: Unique optical design to reduce glare without additional cover. Uniform light distribution and visual comfort,6 kinds of angles to select。

  • High Intensity-Plus Lens for CoB LED: Super High CBCP & Optical efficiency, Narrow spot optical design, Higher lux performance than ever, Uniform and softly light pattern with low glare. We use the PC with UL94 V2 grade to make lens which has the same high output performance with PMMA through unique optical design but still higher temperature resistant than PMMA.

  • High Efficiency Zooming Lens for CoB LED: Single lens to fulfill your various angle requirements, Uniform light pattern, Higher optical efficiency than ever.
    We got a huge success in 2017 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, after that, CKO still keep the spirit of ”Customer orientation”,“Knowledge Power” and” Outstanding Quality” to service client.