2019 Hong Kong International Lighting Fair Autumn Edition

  During 2019, 10/27-30, CKO participated in the 21th Hong Kong International Lighting Fair Autumn Edition show, the world's largest lighting industry events all over the world. CKO is a exhibitor with this party. CKO prepare three kinds of the lens for display. One is the High Intensity Lens light of the booth center. Two Optical tilt 30o  wall washer on the booth ceiling over top. And Four 8in1 Linear lens under the ground. It’s comfortable in this environment.





  CKO have the high quality and profession lens’ technology. The clients who have used our product will keep using our product ,since it’s the best. They will tell you the light is perfect for them, and they love the effect when they use the lens, then always give the best feedback. Many clients come to see what we got and what they need during these four days. Some clients come by for asked the profession questions, CKO give the answer kindly.



  Thanks for every client visiting us during these four days. See you in next Hong Kong International Lighting Fair Autumn Edition.If you want more information, welcome to mail us for sample or e-Catalogue: sales@ckoptics.com  Make the warm space is CKO’s talent. CKO is the light magician.