A good LED needs a good optic to extract the highest portion of flux and guide the light to wherever you want. C.K.O provides not only the functionality and performance, but also an art piece that catches your eye.Cree is a market-leading innovator of lighting-class LEDs, LED lighting, and KEELUX uses its powerful design, precise molding and plastic injection to provide innovative, aesthetic, high efficiency art piece.

Here are some examples of our innovative optics associated with CREE LED, such as High Intensity Lens, Multi-Angle Zooming Lens, Soft Shading Lens, Street/Outdoor Lighting, Candle Light. The characteristics of such optics are:

* High Intensity Lens for CoB LED: Glare -less structure, high CBCP, beam distribution near halogen lamp, and appearance visually similar to reflector comprise the unique HI series.

* Multi-Angle Zooming Lens for CoB LED: single zoom lens that can widely change the beam angle within a very short moving distance. So that it keeps a very high optical efficiency while zooming. No clear edge of the spot performs the graceful lighting.

* Soft Shading Lens: Uniform spot with rapid and smooth shading at the edge, thus no clear edge to be seen and no interference between two close lamps make the aesthetic lighting.

* Candle Lens: Omnidirectional structure with global patent and aesthetic power to light up your room. You can see this candle optics in Lancaster house –Buckingham palace and any store who sells GE’s clear candle & A lamp.


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