Eye Comfort

Creating a more relaxing environment.

Why do we need low glare lighting ?

Glare lighting will cause eye fatigue or long-term discomfort.
Low glare lens designs make the working environment better.


 |  UGR rankings


|  Product features 

1. Low glare and superb visual comfort (UGR ≤ 19)

2. Lens options for better light control

3. Complete dimension & angle series,three to nine different optics are available

Low Glare High Intensity Lens
(Φ45mm) 15°/20°/28°/37°/41°/49°/56°

4. Suitable for different installation types

5. Aesthetic exterior



(Example:Low Glare High Intensity Lens) 

 (Example:Low Glare 3R Lens) 


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Good decoration can beautify the environment.

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Arts & Culture

Perfect display of artwork.

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Lighting will affect work efficiency.

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